Two Reasons

RetentionThere are two reasons for retainers:

  1. "Retention" is the final part of your orthodontic treatment. Your retainer holds the teeth in their final position.
  2. Once your teeth are in place, your retainer keeps them there. Otherwise, they will slip back toward their old position.

Six Rules

We ask our patients to adhere to the following six rules:

  1. You will wear your retainer(s) at night while you sleep or exactly as you were instructed by Dr. Hudgins.
  2. Remove your retainer(s) and store in the protective case when eating.
  3. Bring your retainer(s) to each appointment.
  4. Keep your retainer(s) CLEAN. Gently brush your retainer when you brush your teeth. This should be done at least two times a day.
  5. No chewing gum, please - it sticks to the plastic.
  6. Never leave your retainer out of your mouth except in its case. Don't leave it lying around or wrapped in tissue. It could get lost or thrown away, especially at restaurants. Never leave it in hot water or near a hot surface; it could change shape, and then it won't fit.


Your retainer should fit comfortably and snap in securely. If it doesn't, let us know. Wearing it correctly and treating it gently will protect it from being damaged. Remember that it is delicate and expensive to repair or replace. The charge for a new retainer is $190 for each retainer and more for retainers that move teeth.