First Visit

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals specifically with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. These may involve crowded, protruding and misaligned teeth as well as poor or mismatched jaw relationships.

We feel that orthodontic treatment plays an important role in the achievement of good dental and oral health as well as creating an attractive smile, which is very important in the development of one's self-esteem.

Our services include comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults and children of all ages, child interceptive treatment, jaw orthopedics, cosmetic orthodontics and surgical orthodontics.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

After your patient information form is completed, a staff member will show you around our office and answer any questions you might have. Dr. Hudgins will then conduct a complete orthodontic clinical exam. He will ask you about your concerns, discuss with you any problems that are discovered and describe any necessary corrective treatment. You will also receive an approximate fee and an estimate of treatment time. There is no charge for your initial examination. Also, for patients whose growth and development need to be monitored prior to treatment, there is no charge for appointments for periodic supervision.

If your examination has pointed to the need for treatment, we will suggest taking diagnostic records. These records, which include special X-rays, study models and photographs, will help Dr. Hudgins evaluate the problem and determine the best course of treatment. A treatment explanation conference with the family will be arranged, at which time all treatment options and alternatives will be discussed in detail. If you believe treatment will begin right away and want to save an appointment, we can schedule the diagnostic records on your first visit. Please let us know if you prefer this option.

Orthodontic records consist of X-rays, photos and study models, such as: