Emergency Orthodontic Appointment

As a general rule, an emergency appointment may be made when there is severe pain, a loose band, a broken wire or something sticking out that you can't take care of. It's important to know the names of the parts of your appliances. When you call the office, it will help to be able to identify what part is broken or out of place. For braces, please refer to this diagram:

1: Band, 2: Bracket, 3: Tie wire, 4: Archwire, 5: Elastic ligature, 6: Elastic, 7: Headgear tube, 8: Buccal tube

Tooth Knocked Out

In the event a tooth is knocked out, pick it up by the chewing end to prevent further damage to the nerves. The sooner the tooth can be reinserted, the better the chance of saving it. First, try to return the tooth to the socket, and bite down lightly to keep it in place.

Otherwise, put the tooth in a closed container of cool, fresh milk (or water). Put a sterile dressing in the socket and bite down to stop the bleeding. See your dentist or emergency room doctor as soon as possible.

Sore Teeth/Discomfort with Orthodontic Treatment

Right after you get your braces, and sometimes after you have an adjustment appointment, your teeth and mouth will feel sore. To alleviate the pain, you may take acetaminophen or other non-aspirin pain relievers while you adjust to your new braces. You can also gargle lukewarm saltwater, which is a mixture of one teaspoon of salt dissolved in eight ounces of water. A warm wash cloth or a heating pad may also reduce the soreness in your jaws.

Wire Irritations

Try moving the wire away from the irritated area with a cotton swab or eraser. If the wire will not move, try covering the end of it with a small piece of cotton or a small amount of wax. If the wire is painful, you can cut it with nail clippers or scissors that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol.

Loose Bracket

First, call our office to see if the bracket needs to be re-fitted. If you have a situation where you must cut the wire or slide a bracket off the wire, you may use fingernail clippers that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. Please call our office the next business day to schedule a repair appointment.

Lost Separator

Most patients lose a separator during their treatment. Do not worry about losing a separator, but please call our office to see if it needs to be replaced.